Local Easy Kine Pork Chops
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Local Easy Kine Pork Chops
Recipe Number: 1174862176
Contributor: Mokihana

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6 center cut Pork chops
3-4 Lemons
Cooking Instructions
Preheat da oven to 375 degrees. Get one cookie sheet oa jellyroll pan and line um with heavy duty foil. Wash and dry da pork chops and place in one layer ontop da foil. Slice da lemons but not too thin. Lay da lemons ontop da chops; is fine if dey overlap litto bit, just make sure to cover da entire chop. Use more lemons if necessary. Now, get da ketchup and pour plenny of it ontop da lemons, covering da whole chop and da sliced lemons. No be sked use plenny. Put da chops in da oven and bake foa one hour. Dat's it! Now whack um!
Additional Comments
Da way I serve um, I hold da lemon wit da point of a fork, and slowly pull off da lemon, and leave da ketchup ontop da chop. Unless u like eat da lemon, dat is. Da lemon juice wen combine wit da ketchup to make easy kine sweet-sour sauce ontop da chop.

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