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Magic of Maui's Snorkeling



A Maui originated idea inspired from years of photographing and filming visitors snorkeling with marine life. snorkeling with marine life. Our company created a product to address visitors curiosity, fun, safety and fear. Serving as guide as guide information, snorkeling fun facts, tips and a fish chart have been integrated in as part of the colorful fold out wallet case. The colorful fish chart not shown in photo is located on the outside panel that folds in. This wallet not only serves as a snorkeling guide but holds an exciting underwater feature about snorkeling with marine life at Maui's Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. "Nothing stimulates the memory like a song" The movie itself is not narrated, only a great soundtrack to amazingly colorful underwater footage. Historically known and original songs were chosen so visitors would recognize or relate to iconic places of Maui. If your customers are not in Hawaii when they watch the movie and hear the music, they will surely want to be. The joy will be felt hundreds of miles away to wherever the movie goes home to. Being ideal for all ages, adults right down to 3 year olds are entertained and often sing along.  

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