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Aloha! We know why you’re here! You must be experiencing those familiar rumbling sounds coming from your opu (belly). Or, could it be that tingling craving sensation twitching your taste buds again? Whatever the reason you may have for finding your way to this site, we hope that your visit will repeat itself many times over. As you take off your ‘slippahs’ and come inside, we want to welcome you, "E komo mai", to Aunty Aloha’s collection of recipes, better known as the, "Ono Recipes".

Ono Recipes is a big POTLUCK of Hawaiian-style/local-island recipes contributed by people that know how to enjoy the more simple pleasures in life… cooking and eating! You’ll find hundreds mouth-watering, jaw-chewing, saliva-drooling Ono Recipes that would quench the even most savage appetite.

We invite you to join in AlohaWorld’s quest to help others enjoy the island’s cuisine. If you have a recipe that captures the tastes of Hawai'i and would like contribute to helping others enjoy, then all you have to do is submit your recipe for publication.

"MAHALO" for stopping by! We hope that you will stop by often and see what is new on the Ono Recipe list. New recipes are added often.