Adobo Filipino dish involving marinating and stewing meat or other ingredients in a salt-sour mixture of garlic and vinegar.
Ahi Bigeye, yellowfin or albacore tuna
Aku Skipjack, bonita tuna
Akule Scad mackerel
Alaea Type of rock salt containing clay soil
Ama'ama Mullet
Apritada Pork with pimento and garbanzo beans
Arare Crisp rice crackers seasoned with soy sauce
Arroz Con Pollo Rice with chicken
Arroz Doce Sweet rice
A'u Marlin
Azuki Sweetened red or black beans
Bacalao Salted codfish
Bacalhau Codfish cakes
Bagoong Pungent, salty shrimp or fish paste
Balatong Mungo beans and pork
Bento Take-out picnic meal
Bibinka Coconut candy bars
Bulgogi Korean gingery barbecued beef
Bulo Do Mel Honey cakes
Bunuelos Fried dumplings rolled in sugar
Butterfish Black cod

Caldeirada Seafood stew
Caldo Verde Kale and potato soup
Chap Chae Stir-fried vegetables, meat, and noodles
Char Sui Chinese sweet red barbequed pork
Chicharrones Deep-fried pork skin
Chicken Luau Stew made from chicken, taro leaves, and coconut milk
Chop Sui Literally means odds and ends - served with rice or soy sauce
Chow Fun Wide, stir-fried noodle
Chun Vegetables, meat, or fish quick-fried in a light egg batter
Chung Choy Preserved turnip
Crack Seed Dried fruits mixed with salt, sugar and seasonings
Daikon turnip family (similar to radish)
Dim Sum Chinese dumplings
Edamame Whole boiled soybeans
Ehu Short-tailed red snapper
Fu Young Scrambled dishes
Furikake Japanese flavoring agent of roasted seaweed, salt, sesame seeds and other ingredients, often sprinkled atop rice
Gandules Pigeon peas
Gau Chinese New Year's pudding
Gisantes Pork, tomatoes and peas
Guava Fruit pink in color used in juice, jellies and tropical drinks

Halo Halo Dessert of coconut milk, ice, and fruits
Hapu'upu'u Grouper or sea bass
Haupia Hawaiian pudding of coconut cream, arrowroot or cornstarch.
Hibachi Small Japanese outdoor grill, commonly used in Hawaii
Hoisin Sauce Chinese sauce of sweet, spicy, fermented soybeans
Hong Choi Chinese parsley (coriander/cilantro)
Imu Traditional underground pit oven, lined with rocks and ti leaves (or banana leaves), for cooking meats such as chicken and pig 'Inamona
Jai Monks food - a vegetarian dish
Jook Very bland rice soup (congee)
Kal-bi Korean barbecued short ribs, made with soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and other flavorings.
Kalo Hawaiian Taro; for poi
Kalua Traditional method of cooking food in an imu
Kalua Pig Barbecued pork, cooked whole in an imu (underground oven)
Kamaboko Fish cake made from white fish
Kang Jang Flavored soy sauce
Kanten Gelatin dessert made out of seaweed
Kare Kare Beef stew in a peanut broth
Katsu Pork, chicken or other ingredients dipped in Japanese panko coating and deep-fried.
Kau Kau Hawaiianized Chinese word meaning food
Kiawe Wood of the algaroba tree, a relative of the mesquite
Kim Chee Highly spiced Korean fermented cabbage or other ingredients
Ko Cho Jang Korean red chili paste.
Kogi Guk Beef soup
Kona Coffee Coffee grown locally in the Kona district on the island of Hawaii
Kook Soo Korean noodles in broth with meat and vegetables
Kukui Nut Nuts from the candlenut tree
Kulolo Taro pudding
Lau Lau Foods wrapped in ti leaves and steamed or baked; usually pork and fish with taro leaves.
Lechon Roast pig prepared in the Filipino style
Li Hing Mui Preserved plum; Mixture of Chinese five-spice, sugar and salt originally used to flavor and preserve fruit for snacks
Lilikoi Passion fruit
Limu Seaweed
Linguica Portugues spicy pork and red pepper sausage
Loco Moco Fried hamburger patty with fried eggs stacked on white rice and topped with brown gravy
Lomi Salmon Hawaiian salted salmon dish with onions, tomatoes, green onions and Hawaiian salt.
Long Rice Cellophane noodles made from mungbean flour
Luau Hawaiian feast; also the taro leaf tops
Lumpia Filipino appetizer similar to spring roll
Lup Cheong Chines sweet, oily sausage
Lychee Fruit with sweet, smooth flesh
Macadamia Nuts Little round, buttery tasting nuts similar in size to the hazelnut
Mahimahi Dolphinfish or dorado; not related to the mammal dolphin
Malasada Portuguese deep-fried doughnut without a hole, dipped in sugar and best served warm
Mandoo Korean dumplings, generally filled with cabbage and meat, maybe fried or in soup.
Manapua Chinese-style filled steam buns
Mango A tropical fruit
Manju Sweet bean paste buns
Mano Shark
Maui Onion Mild white onion, with sweetness similar to a Vidalia onion
Mein Thin wheat noodle
Mirin Sweetened rice wine
Miso Thick fermented soybean paste
Mochi A steamed cake made with glutinous rice flour
Moi Pacific threadfin
Musubi Rice ball wrapped in seaweed
Na'au Stewed beef intestines.
Namasu Salad of vegetables in a vinegar sauce
Namul Korean seasoned vegetable dishes.
Nigiri Type of sushi in which the rice is rolled into a short, thick finger and topped or wrapped with ingredients
Nishime Vegetables with pork or chicken
Niu Coconut
Nori Paper-thin sheets of seasoned, dried seaweed
Ogo Type of seaweed commonly used in poke and to flavor seafood dishes
Okazu-ya Japanese delicatessen
Okolehao Liqueur distilled from the ti root
Onaga Red or pink snapper
Ono Wahoo or large mackerel
Ono Delicious
Opah Moonfish
Opakapaka Pink or crimson snapper
Opihi Island limpets
Paella Casserole of saffron-flavored rice, meat, seafood and vegetables
Paina Ancient name for a Hawaiian feast also referred to as a luau
Pancit Egg or rice noodles 'n stuff
Panko Japanese flour meal used for breading
Pao Doce Portuguese sweet bread made with eggs and butter
Papaya Pellow mellon-like fruit eaten like a mellon
Papio Young ula or jack fish.
Pasteles Puerto Rican banana paste and pork or beef wrapped in corn husk or ti leaf and boiled.
Patis Filipino fish sauce
Pescado en Escabeche Pickled fish
Pho Vietnam soup of clear, anise-flavored beef broth with paper-thin slices of raw meat or meat balls with vegitables.
Pipikaula Salted and dried beef
Plate Lunch A popular lunch option featuring two scoops of white rice, macaroni salad and a local-style meat or seafood dish
Pohole Fiddlehead fern
Poi Paste made from pounded taro root, a staple of the Hawaiian diet.
Poke Dish of sliced raw fish or seafood, seaweed, Hawaiian salt and chile peppers
Portuguese Sausage Linguica, a garlicky Portuguese pork sausage.
Pua'a Pig or pork.
Pulgoki Korean-style barbecued beef. (Also spelled Bulgogi)
Pulehu To broil or barbecue
Pupu Finger food; island-style appetizer
Saimin Particularly Island version of Japanese ramen or Chinese mein
Sake Rrice wine
Sashimi Raw fish, usually served with wasabi and soy sauce for dipping.
Sekihan Rice and red beans
Senbei Sweet rice crackers
Shabu Shabu Meat and vegetables in a simmering broth
Shave Ice Finely shaved ice flavored with fruit syrups
Shiitake Large Japanese mushrooms
Shoyu Commonly used Japanese word for soy sauce
Shumai Small steamed dumplings
Soba Slender buckwheat noodle
Sofrito Thick sauce produced by sautéing a variety of vegetables, herbs, spices,
Somen Thin and delicate rice noodles
Spam Hawaii's favorite canned meat - the less said, the better
Suimono Japanese clear soup made with dashi base (bonito fish stock).
Sukiyaki Meat, bean curd, vegetables cooked in soy sauce and sugar
Sushi Variety of raw fish, served with vinegared rice and wasabe.
Taegu Korean seasoned dried codfish or cuttlefish
Tako Octopus
Takuwan Pickled daikon or turnip
Taro Tuberous vegetable used to make poi
Tempura Vegetables, meat, or seafood quick-fried in light egg batter
Teppan Grilling
Teppanyaki Style of dining where chefs cook food at your table
Teriyaki Soy based, sweet and salty flavoring used on beef, chicken and
Ti Leaves Leaves of a Polynesian plant, used for cooking and decorative purposes
Tobiko Orange-reddish roe of the flying fish
Tofu White soybean curd
Tonkatsu Breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet
Tsukemono Japanese relish-like salad of salted vegetables, usually shredded cabbage and other ingredients
Udon Thick Japanese noodles, generally served in soup.
Uhi Yam
Uku Gray snapper
Ulu Breadfruit
ulua Crevalle, or jack fish; the giant trevally
Ulua Jack or jackfish, or Florida pompano
Unagi Eel
Unagi Eel, often served grilled.
Vinha D'Alhos Fish or pork in vinegar and garlic
Wana Sea urchin
Wasabi Japanese horseradish
Won Bok Chinese cabbage
Won Ton Deep fried stuffed dough
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