Gramma Masons' Potato Salad
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Gramma Masons' Potato Salad
Recipe Number: 1157128629
Contributor: Betsy

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5 lbs Salad potatos
7 med Eggs, hard boiled
Small Maui onion minced(opt)
1 med Carrot grated fine
2 can large pitted Olives, halved
1/3-1/2 C Pickle relish
1-2 tsp French's mustard
1-1 1/3 C Best foods mayo
Salt and pepper to taste
Variation: Crab meat
Cooking Instructions
Cook potatos till fork tender. Cut into 1" pieces. Drain olives well. Add all ingredients together in large bowl, mix with hand (better that way). You can adjust any portions to taste.
Additional Comments
Very ono with baked beans & ham, or anything with gravy. Try adding crab meat for different take.

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