Aunty Ayame's Shoyu Chicken
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Aunty Ayame's Shoyu Chicken
Recipe Number: 1145932862
Contributor: Susan Nakai

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5 lbs Chicken thighs
3-4 cloves Garlic
Thumb-sized piece of ginger
Shoyu Mixture:
1 C Shoyu
1 C Catsup
3/4 C White sugar
Cooking Instructions
Fill pot with enough water to cover chicken. Boil chicken with garlic and ginger (about 30-45 minutes). Drain almost all the water from pot. Return pot to stove. Add the shoyu mixture and simmer on low for about half hour. BROKE DA MOUT'!
Additional Comments
If you get dogs, no trow way da chicken brot...mix um in dere food! Hoo, da buggahs going love you, man!

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