Easy Beef Stew
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Easy Beef Stew
Recipe Number: 1140133831
Contributor: Annette Cummings

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3 lbs Chuck roast (cubed)
1 large Onion (diced)
4 cloves Garlic (minced)
4 med Potatoes (large cubes)
4 Carrots (large cubed)
1/4 bunch Chinese parsley (chopped)
2 large cans Tomato sauce
Cooking Instructions
In large saucepan, put in about 4 Tbsp cooking oil on medium heat. Add the onions and garlic. Cook until translucent. Add pepper and salt now, then add in the parsley. Now add in the tomato sauce and meat. Add enough water to cover meat, stir and cover it. Let it go on medium heat until meat is almost tender about 45min. to 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Add in the potatoes and carrots let it cook until vegetables are to your liking. Taste again and add more salt to your taste.
Additional Comments
This stew also taste good when watercress or chopped cabbage is chopped (about 2 inches) and added to almost the end.

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