Spam Fried Rice
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Spam Fried Rice
Recipe Number: 1115852396
Contributor: refri3dnoodle

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cooked Jasmine rice
5 slices Spam (cubbed to smaller pieces)
2 Eggs
Soy sauce
1/2 tsp MSG
Cooking Instructions
First get a wok and add desired amount of oil (put at least enough to have a thin layer in the pan). Next heat up at high heat and throw in the 2 eggs. Batter eggs for a few seconds then throw in desired amount of rice and mix together. Now throw in the Spam, peas, and carrot while stirring some more. Finally add soy sauce and (to taste) and continue stirring until all rice has a golden brown color, then serve.
Additional Comments
Remember, the more rice you add, the more egg you should add to even it out. Don't get carried away with the soy sauce either because it can make the food too salty sometimes.

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