Spam Musubi Deluxe
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Spam Musubi Deluxe
Recipe Number: 1109098151
Contributor: Leona

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1 can Spam
Couple sheets nori
4 Eggs
Hot cooked rice
1 dash Garlic powder
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil for frying
Musubi maker
Cooking Instructions
Slice spam into 6 slices long way. Fry spam in a little oil until a little crispy on the outside. Beat eggs together with 2 tsp shoyu and 1 dash of garlic powder. Cook in fry pan as you would an omelet, remove from pan and cut into strips. Cut the nori sheets into 6 strips,wide enough to wrap around the musubi. To assemble, put some hot rice into the musubi mold and press down, add 2 slices takuwan then some of the eggs then top with the fried spam. Press altogether and gently remove from mold and wrap with nori. When all are made, wrap individually with plastic wrap. Enjoy
Additional Comments
My mom use to make this for us to take to the beach and she use to take some with her to the golf course to eat when she got hungry while golfing with her friends. It's soooo good after you been swimming all day!

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