Patele Stew
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Patele Stew
Recipe Number: 1097628220
Contributor: Lehua

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1 lb Pork
1 lb Chicken
4 cloves Garlic
1 small chopped Onion
2 cans Tomato sauce
2 cans (same can) water
Salt and pepper
4 Pateles
1 Potato, cut into stew sizes
1-2 Carrots, cut into stew sizes
Cooking Instructions
Cut meats up into bite size pieces. Brown in hot oil, add onions and garlic. When browned add tomato sauce and water. Simmer about 35 min. Add the potatoes and carrots, cooking until fork tender .Add salt and pepper, then add pateles, breaking up as you add. The pateles will thicken the stew. Enjoy with rice and pickled onions. Ono.
Additional Comments
At an evening picnic at the beach our friend Wanda brought this dish to enjoy. WOW! What a burst of flavor on the firt bite. Now its a must at all beach dinners at Kailua Beach Park.

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