Good 'n Easy Macaroni Salad
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Good 'n Easy Macaroni Salad
Recipe Number: 1051212641
Contributor: Chant'e

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1 Bag macaroni
1 Can tuna
2 Scoops mayo
1 Med onion (peeled)
1 Ccarrot (peeled)
Salt & pepper to taste
1 Celery (chopped) *optional*
Cooking Instructions
First of all go boil da water for da macaroni. While boiling, throw in da macaroni with some salt. Ok, while this is cooking over there, start chopping your onion and carrot, for the carrot I just grate um , more fast and more easy but I chop da onion. Small kine cryin going on. Then strain da macaroni with hot water I use hot water so da macaroni no be all wet and make the salad watery. Then throw everything in one big bambutcha bowl. Mix it all up. The mayo varies on how ~mushy~ you like it ! Serve cold.
Additional Comments
Dis is my specialty salad. It's so easy and fast for make. You cannot go wrong if you bring this to one gathering, BBQ or whatever. Every gotta luv da mac salad!

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