Pork Hash #1
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Pork Hash #1
Recipe Number: 1051142680
Contributor: Nancy

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1 lb ground pork
Green onion - chopped
Water chestnuts - diced
1 egg
Chung-cho (salted turnip) - chopped
Chinese parsley - couple sprigs chopped
3-4 Tbsp oyster sauce
3-4 Tbsp shoyu
Won tun wrappers
Cooking Instructions
Add all ingredients together except the wrappers. Do not mix too long, just get ingredients combined. Add one tablespoon of filling to center of each wrapper and bring edges up, forming a cup. Coat bottom and sides with a little vegetable oil so they don't stick to steaming pan. Place in pan and steam for about 30-45 minutes. I use my rice cooker to steam the pork hash.

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