Kaleo's Whop Yo Jaw Potato Salad
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Kaleo's Whop Yo Jaw Potato Salad
Recipe Number: 1051130608
Contributor: Kaleo

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Russett Potatoes (med. sized)
Large pitted black olives (put as many as you like)
mayonnaise (Best Foods)
salt and pepper to taste
Cooking Instructions
Can make any kine serving. Cook same amount of potatoes as eggs (ex. 10 eggs for 10 potatoes). After potatoes stay soft and eggs stay hard boiled, chop da eggs like you going make egg salad. Cut potatoes into small cubes if can. Mix plenny mayonnaise wit eggs and potatoes til the bugga come moist. No worry if you smash the potatoes, tastes ono that way. Add olives and salt and peppa to taste and then whack 'em. Passed down from da Kruse's, but Kaleo perfected it. Even my haole friends and ohana enjoy this tasty recipe.

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