Reviews of Zippy's Chili Two
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Visitor Reviews of Zippy's Chili Two
Review By: Snogirl
 This is IT!!!
Review By: BKLYN
 This is a MUCH better recipe than the other Zippy's Chili listed here. It's amazing what a difference a can of mushroom soup will make - I tried both of the Zippy's recipes this week and this is actually closer to what I remember Zippy's chili to be like. I don't think it's spot on, but close.
Review By: Corie
 This was the best Chili I ever made...or attempted to make anyway. Very close to Zippy's in my opinion. Great recipe!
Review By: aen
 This is the BEST chili recipe! Only change I made was I doubled up the bacon and I only put half of the kidney beans. Thanks for sharing!
Review By: Maile
 Texture is just like Zippy's. Flavor is darn close. I love it!
Review By: sadie
 What everyone else said! The texture is right on. The flavor is excellent.