Reviews of Li Hing Mui Lollipops
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Visitor Reviews of Li Hing Mui Lollipops
Review By: Kameaaloha Amina
 Mahalo! I always woundered how to make this candy. I live in the mainland and of COURSE they don't sell that kind of candy here! At least not yet!
Review By: raina
 Thank you so much for this recipe. For as long as it's been around, 10+ years, I've never made them. I've been craving them for awhile now and decided to try and make some myself, because they're hard to find in the stores. Your recipe is so easy and delicious!
Thank you
Review By: Sophia
 mmm mmm good. And so easy to make. Just need to work fast or last few will be hard to pour out of the pan. Have made it with banana, APPLE, peach, and plain.Leave the Li Hing Mui out if you use coffee, rootbeer, peppermint flavoring.
Review By: ava
 i tried using regular corn syrup because thats what the recipe said and it didnt work so my friend said to use karo syrup i hope that will...
Review By: sanoe
 What does 'cook to hard crack' mean? I really want to make this but dont know what that means.

Review By: kakiki smith
 Realy good! I just love it.