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Remember YOUR "small keed time"?

Those were the good old days! YOU were young, innocent, naive and maybe even a little bit "kolohe" (rascal). When you look back, I bet you cannot help but grin, yeah?  I bet you can just feel a longing oozing up inside of you for a time when life was much simpler. Wherever you live now, if you grew up in Hawaii, you must remember your "hanabuddah days". Eh, no shame ... we all had "hanabuddah".

Eh … right now get choke stories already online written by Hawaiians and Hawaiians at heart. Most all writers had the unique life experience of growing up in Hawaii. That’s why the site is called ”Hanabuddah Days”.

Enjoy these personal stories.



Kunia Girl

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Living in Kunia, plantation style! Kunia is a little community between Schofield Barracks and Waipahu. My life living on a plantation as a camp kid was really simple. We had nothing to brag. All the houses were the same color (mostly green and white). If you lived in the dark grey roof and white houses you were living in what we called the "moe betta houses", betta known as the "boss houses".

To live in Kunia your parents had to be working for the pineapple plantation. There were benefits

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My Ewa Beach Childhood

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I should start by saying my parents were divorced. My brother and I went with my dad and my sister went with my mother. I was five years old. I was born in Wahiawa and my brother in Honolulu (Kaiser Hospital). We left our home on the point of Waimea

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Da 60's - No Ka Oi

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Whoo-o-hoo yeah man, anybody remembah life da '60s owah wat? Eh yeah...well den, eef you do, den you buggah probably sta' moah oldah den dirt I figgah...(heh heh)...eh, mebbe jus' like me an'den! But eh, I not heah fo' wala'au us guy's "geriatrical"

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Da Neighbahood

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Remembah da neighbahood u wen live in? We all had wun special kine place we wuz brought up in Hawaii. Mine wuz no different den any of u out deah I guess.

Well befoa I wuz in school, we lived off Farrington Highway and I faintly remembah my parents

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