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Okay guyz...I going begin by telling you why I no-like dem horse and donkeys (mules) same smell. It started wen i had go fishing with my oldah bradduh... we was fishing at Kinikini "now PMRF". Thoze fishin days was good, anyway my braddah was going foh' hinaleia (gizame) and I was picking up pipipi. I dunno why but he had his bamboo pole facing towards me and I saw da hook with da line and i wen go pickup da hook and wen I had da hook in my hand da buggah had swing da pole forward and da hook had stuck in my thum to da max.

He took me to emergency and when I was waitin outside I saw dis young guy with his fuddah rushin up da stairz and da guy had his hands infront his face like he was holding somtin. I latah found out dat a mule had kick him on da face and he had lose one eye. As da beginning of why I no like horse and donkeys.

I went to Catholic school and wun day we no had school so me and some frenz decided to go by Spanish Camp to da mud flats with our BB guns to see if we can shoot mudhens or whatevahs. On da way, we had take wun short-cut through da short cane cane field. Wen we was about da center part of da field we heah sumbody yelling at us and cumming full speed on a horse, .man, we had scattah every which way. I remembah running following da row of cane. MISTAKE! cause he had cum aftah me dat way he no damage da cane by going crossways.

I had fall down and da buggah was right there making his horse riseup and hees horse makin horse noise and heem yelling why I no stay in school.I stay crying and yelling I go to catholic school and we no moh' school and watching dat dam horse if he was going kick me. Dat ruin ouah day and we all wen go home. I wasz still tinking of da horse and how scared I was.

Later, my friend Pelane ask me to go wid heem to go get hees frenzs mule. Da mule was tied by wun irrigation ditch in da cane field. We had to walk a couple of miles to get da mule. We untide da mule and got on it by lockin our toes of one leg to da mules leg den kinda chrow ourselves on da mules back. I was sittin behind my fren and had a slingshot to shoot doves and we had go about a hundred yahds wen I decided I was goin shoot one shot frum my slingshot into da cane field."MISTAKE !"

Da sudden sound of da rock hittin da cane leafs scared da mule an he wen liff up his front leg an me sittin in da back just wen roll ovah and fall down. Da first ting on my mind was watchout foah da mules back leg wid the memories of the guy dat had looze one eye still wid me. Again, I was scared and told Pelane dat i was goin walk home wich was a long way off.

Wen I was in da service I wen go horseback ridin wid buddies but da horse can sense me an he just put hees head down and eat grass while my frenzs gallop away. So to dis day i no like horses and donkeys. I dunno wen you reed dis story you goin lauf but i no kayah, I still no like horses and donkeys. Tank u.

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Born and raised in Kekaha. Joined the AirForce. Stayed in for 4-years. After discharged, worked for Bendix at the NASA Tracking Station as a power plant Operator. After Space Tracking Station became operational, Ground Station folded I was picked up by ITT at PMRF Barking Sands doing the same job. Retired when I reached 62 years. Wife and I now own and operate a beachfront Vacation Rental unit. Life's what one makes of it.

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