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Wheah iz da bes place you eva went in da aina? An no say: "L & L" ! Any body eva hea of dis place called da blue room? (No, not some new disco at the Hyatt!) It's on da Mokulua islands off da shore of Lanikai, Oahu.There is a crack in the mountain on da island on da left if you facing da wata from da shore at Lanikai. Once on da island you try go stay walk aroun da odda sai goin towards Kailua sai, not Waimanalo.

Den goin come to one crack in da lava goes from da wata alldaway up, up, up, da hillside (dats one bird santuary, so no go up da hill, stay by da wata). I no know who firs discovered dis but ma old roommate who is 50 someting now, tole me hees entire senior class Kailua High School, I don't know what yeah but was a while ago, fit insai dea. When I wen went was da 80's -90's, lidat.You jump down in da ocean by da crack ... was dark an scary.

I tole ma frien: "What brah you pupule or what?"

He tole me: "What brah you tink I like die or lead you to your death?"

I tot about it he seemed pretty responsable so I wen chance um.

We had to wait in between waves an swim when da wata go recede. Gotta swim hard, about 20 feet, into da pitch dark, I mean dark. When we got insai, ho da dark! Had to, as soon as feel sand insai da cave, go turn around an make a'ama crab an back up till get enough room for erybody fit. Ho! Ony can hole 4 or 5 people, da hole class my okole! Den wen erybody huddled insai our back to da walls it happened.

I axed my frien: "Hey brah, why dey call dis place da blue room?"

He look at me an said: "Try wait, you see."

Jus den I herd dis loud crash an dis gus of win! Ho! Da watah insai all recedin' an I gettin litto bit scahd. Dis wall of wata goin come kill us. Dis place oni small. We goin get slammed into da walls. Here it comes! Dat wall of wata come rite up closing da openin we came in from. Da sun behine made da cave glow blue from da reflection!!

Was awesome but we was scard cus da wave goin hemo us into da walls. Dat wave came full speed towards us. Jus den da buggah drop to nuttin'. I mean about 3 feet away was head high goin slam us. Nex ting nothin.

Ma frien jus laff. He knew nothing would happen. He stay one awesome waterman. Can't jus go any kine day. Gotta be calm enough, but dat was one of my most memorable experiences wit da aina an da ocean.

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