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One time, I was just sitting inside da house, noting to do. Just staring outside da window. I saw da kine big black an yellow wasp flying agains da window screen. Back an fort da wasp was flying, and hitting agains da screen to get outside. Den, da wasp got stuck inside a spider's web. Real fass, I see da kine small black spider run to catch da wasp. But da wasp too big, much bigger dan dat spider.

Now, I tink da wasp is going win, yeah? But da wasp is stuck inside da spider web, an struggling to get free. Da spider by now is biting on dat wasp. It was an amazing ting, to see da struggle between da small spider and dat big one wasp. Den, all of a sudden, dat wasp break free from da web. But still, da spider is biting on dat wasp, never letting go. So togetter da spider an da wasp flying togetter, like a funny kine flying monster wit two heads.

But still, like before, da wasp is hitting againss da window screen. But dis time, he have passenger wit him - dat spider, still biting him on neck. So now, da wasp an spider boat flying together, still smashing againss da window screen, buzzing back an fort, juss like before. Dis two-head flying monster, wit dat spider still not letting go, smash againss da window for forty-five or more minutes. (Like I said, nothing to do.)

Will dat wasp shake off dat spider from his neck? Will da spider eat a meal bigger dan him? Who will win dis battle of nature in front my face?

"Lunchtime!," my mom calls me from da kitchen.

I smashed dat wasp-spider monster wit rolled-up newspaper and went to eat my lunch.

About Author

Wayne Yoshida is actually from the Mainland, born in Santa Monica, CA. But, like most Sansei, has many, many, many ohana from Hawaii. Mom and her family are from Lahaina, by way of Chicago. They went to Maui High School too many years ago to remember. "At all holidays, we all spend many hours to 'talk story.'" Wayne is a technical writer for a semiconductor company near LAX, and enjoys photography, making furniture and ham radio. He lives in Huntington Beach, California where the sand and ocean remind him of quiet times on Maui visiting "Auntie Ethel and Uncle Theo in Wailuku." And, yes, Wayne says, "I always have a magazine or newspaper handy to Swat flies or spiders!"

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