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One time one bunch of us wen go beach (what else get fo do? Go library and study?? I no teenk so) and while all da ress of my friends was having fun bodysurfing, I wen go busy myself catching as much small baby ghost crabs as I could... You know da pakanini kind crabs dat make holes in da sand and wen you walk next to da hole dey POOF right in'sai to escape, so you no can catch em. Jahs like ghost/obake... now you see dem, now you don't.

Anyway, I wen catch ukas of doze kewt crabs and had poot dem in one cup. I was already one teen-agah attending Jr. High School at dat time. Maybe one of you ohana can tell me what possesses a teen-agah to do certain teengs cause I don't have any idea what prompted me to do what I did next......

I seen two haole couples sitting in their beach chairs. Obviously, dey was from da mainland cause dey needed umbrella to guard against dat dreaded RED SKEEN syndrome haoles get if dey stay in da sun too long. Dey was talking stories li'dat, and looked like dey was having one good time.

Now, I had all da crabs in'sai one cup in my hand and I was looking at dem crawling on each uddah trying fo' escape. I felt bad dat dey had to suffer li'dat and decided to let dem go. But, being dat I was one kolohe teen-agah, I no could jahs let dem go, but I had to make "fancy" kind release.... Sooooo....

I wen walk ova to those 4 haole people who was sitting on da beach enjoying demselves. Mind you, I neva know deeze people at all, but I figah, what da heck....

I stood in front of dem until dey all wen look at me wondering what da heck I wanted.... den I wen smile and say.....

"Eh... I get CRABS, you like SEE??"

Afta I wen blurt dat out... I wen pull my bottom part of my bikini litto bit and ALL da UKA -Thousands of crabs came crawling out of my bottom and spilling onto da sand. Da look on da peepos faces was well worth da foolishness I wen display dat day.

Dat is a mild kolohe story of my hanabuddah days memories. And yes... Jahs in case you're wondering... I wen make shuah ALL da crabs were returned to da ocean dat day.... Neva have any "stow aways"....

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Izzie Kikue was born in Honolulu and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii. She now resides with her ohana several minutes southeast of Atlanta, Georgia. Her career has involved being Director of Ministries and a Certified Biblical/Pastoral Counselor for a large Christian Ministry in Southern California and later in Georgia. With a Th.D. (Dr./Theology), she devoted much of her time and energy traveling to third world countries offering physical and spiritual aide to people who needed assistance due to war situations and other misfortunes. Izzie is currently taking a breather from overseas travels and is now focusing her time and energy on her nani daughter, as well as "Bringing Aloha to the Internet" as AlohaWorld's co-owner and host.

OMG. Dis story jass as good as da firs time I wen readum!!
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