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In ouah side yahd, up Mânoa Valley, get plenny kakaroaches. Anybody who wen live in Hawai'i know how bad dem buggahs stay. At night, all u gotta do is turn on da light an ho, alla kakaroaches run foah hide. In da cupboards, in da cracks in da flooah, in closets, everyweah! Dey so uglee an from small keiki days I stay sked of dem.

Dis one time, dey wen get so bad dat my mom an dad wen decide to get some kine kakaroach killah company foah come out an spray alla da yards foah kill da kakaroaches. By da time dey wen decide foah do dis, da kakaroaches was so bad dat no mattah how clean da hale, get plenny of dem ugalee buggahs all  ovah da place.

I wuz insai da hale, an da kakaroach assassins wuz doing deah job, killing dem buggahs all ovah da place. Dey had been working about one houah oa so. Den I wen go to da kitchen foah spock wat going on, cuz I could spock da yahd from deah. I hated dem kakaroaches, lemme tell u. Dey gimme da creeps!  So I like spock dem buggahs get killed.

I wen stand at da doah of da kitchen, but nevah wen pay attenshun to da fack  dat da electric cohd stay coming insai da hale. Was fah away from da yahd  anyways. But den, my worst nightmayah wen come true! Auwe!

Dis one bambucha size kamikaze kakaroach bombah wen come flyin insai da hale, chru dat pakanini opening in da doah, an wen fly down da back of my shirt! I wen let out one scream dat could be heard alla way to Waikîkî! Auwe, dat buggah stay crawling all ovah my back an I no could shake heem out! I stay hopping up an down, screaming da whole time, shaking my shirt, but dat buggah just kept crawling! Finally, just wen I tot I was going make, dat ting wen go out an onto da flooah. But I stay barefoot an no like step on heem foah kill um ... so I just wen leave dat room all kine wikiwiki, wen insai my room an close da door, an nevah wen come out foah long time, till my folks wen tell me alla kakaroaches stay gone. I tink my papa-san wen stomp dat buggah. Wuz terrible day, an even now, I get creepy crawlies jus tinkin about dat awful day.

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Mokihana White was brought up in the Mânoa area on the Island of O'ahu. She attended Mânoa Elementary, Robert Louis Stevenson Junior High and University High School. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a menagerie of animals. They have a real estate appraisal business and live 15 miles southeast of Portland in Boring, Oregon.

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