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When I look back, there was so much stuff my Dad did for us kids. Till today, I still can outclass many men at building things. I'm not a Tita, but my dad didn't raise a dummy either. I learned to build things with my dad. I was his "tool girl". I still have a talent to figure wood projects out in my head, draw it on paper, and building it. We worked in the back yard or the garage together many times. He was so patient. He'd say "Daylynn go get me the Phillips screw driver" and I'd come back with the wrong one. He'd patiently send me back for the other one. I still build things with my dad.

Recently he flew to Oahu to help build a storage shed/kennel in my back yard. We're talking roof, rafters, doors, beams, the whole works. It came out PERFECT. I can't tell you the joy I feel when I work with him on a project. If anything broke in our house, it was Dad to the rescue. Toasters, blow dryers, everything, was repaired by my Dad. That poor man never had a son, but he sure made use of the fact that I was a tomboy! *smile* Dad is flying up in a week to build more things and repair things with me again. I can't wait.

One day, when I was about 8, my dad took me, the youngest daughter, fishing. We didn't go that often, maybe once a month.  My other sisters were real girly. They like stay home, brush their hair kinda girls. My mom would pack a small cooler with juice and sandwiches. My Dad would get the little tackle box ready. He would make sure the bamboo fishing poles fit in the car sticking out the back window. Then off we would go, down by Suisan, in the back, by the boat ramp. There would only be a few other people fishing along the edges of the water. Some more serious with serious looking fishing poles, some like us, with the good old bamboo poles, but they'd be drinking their beer. But it was just me and Dad in our own little world of fishing for "nothing".

We never did EVER catch anything. One time I was sitting under a tree busy catching A'ama crabs. I put bait down with fishing line attached. The crabs would hook onto the bait and I'd pull them into the bucket. I was a little freaked out by the crabs, but as long as they never touch me, I was okay. I let them go when we were done. But this time I was still in the "collection" stage. Suddenly I felt this tickling on my back. 'Cause I was playing with those darn crabs, I thought it was a crab on my back. Now that I look back, HOW CAN BE? But anyways, I started screaming at the top of my lungs and running in circles. My dad had put his pole over his shoulder and the tip of the bamboo pole had tickled my back. NO matter, everyone at the boat ramp was staring at us and my dad felt so embarrassed cause people were looking at him like I was getting beaten. He packed up, never said a word and we left. We never went fishing again.

I love my dad... We stuck to building things after that day. My Dad lives in Hilo on the Big Island. He is retired and his sole job is making my mom crazy because he's bored half the time and wants to keep rebuilding the house. He and my mom fly up to Oahu to visit with us at least 4 times a year. If I can plead, beg, sometimes it's more often than that. My daughters LOVE their grandpa. In fact, my older daughter goes to the Big Island every summer to stay at their home and get spoiled. When I was growing up, I thought my dad was the most militaristic person, so hell bent on being on time, doing things right. Now as I look back, I can see where he molded us, shaped us, into the good people his daughters are today. (If I may say so myself). I happen to be bringing up my girls with the same discipline and values my dad instilled in me.

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I am originally from Kaumana, Hawaii near Hilo. I graduated from Hilo High ('83) I moved to Waimanalo with my husband, Paul in 1996. We love living on the Windward side. We have two daughters that I adore, Erica and Kendra. Together my husband and I raise, train, and show Rottweilers. We enjoy the sport of Schutzhund. I run two German Rottweiler clubs in Hawaii. I feel very lucky to have been raised in the Islands by such great parents.

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