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We just got back from da beach and my dad made all us kids line up in da front yard. He was going shoot us down with da water hose (da water was freezin) to get all da excess sand off of us before we got to go in da house. When we got in da house my youngest sista Des said she was going take a nap and for nobody bother her. I decided to go take a shower. My oldest sista Dondra and my cuzin Summer sat down to watch T.V. Here's where it gets nasty!

My sista Des hates bugs, especially da huge roaches we get in Hawaii. Anyway, Dondra and Summer got bored quick and they both decided to play a trick on Des who was sleepin. They went in da room and saw her sleepin with her hands behind her head. They found two dead roaches and went put one under each armpit. Then Dondra stood at da end of da bed with one of those long feather dusters. She was going try to tickle her face so she would put her arms down and squash a da roach. THAT was da plan anyway!

Well, I was done in da shower and they heard me turn off da water. They threw da duster under da bed and took off down da hall back into da living room. They knew I would tell on them.

I went into our room with da towel wrapped around me to get dressed. Our room we had a sliding door to da back yard and da curtain was open. With one hand, I was trying to close da curtain so I could get dressed and da other hand was holding da towel. Dondra and Summer forgot what they did to Des and decided to just scare me instead. They snuck up on me and they both went yell! I got sooo scared, my towel fell off! I went pull down so hard on da curtain that da curtain rod came down hitting my other sista Des on da head which then made her put down her arms! She went squash both of da roaches under her pits. She started screamin and cryin, I was standing there naked screaming and cryin too! My sista Dondra and my cuzin Summer was rolling on da floor laughin holding their stomaches. Needless to say they got two birds with one stone.

About Author

Serina Cornelio is from Kahului, Maui now living in Merced, California. Wen grad Merced High School in 1996.

I was born and raised on Maui, my family moved to the Mainland in 1991. Still homesick (especially missing da food) anyway I've only been back home once. Das bad yeah! If God willing I'll be back there real soon.

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