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Please review all of the guidelines below carefully. They will answer most all of the questions you may have about using the AlohaWorld Hawaiian Events Calendar to submit and manage your own events.

If you have used our system before, there are a number of changes in this new version.

If you still have any questions, please contact us.

What's New!

  • You will now be able to add an event-related photo/image to your events.
  • The overall process of submitting events has been changed abit but is mostly the same. Please read through the instructions below.

How do I submit a new event?

There are several steps you will need to do:

  • Register for an account or login if you already have one.
  • Once your account request has been verified and approve, you will need to Login and go the the Event section.
  • Once you login you will be able to submit a new event or modify or delete an event you already have submitted.
  • To Add an event click on the Submit Event button on the menubar and fill out the form.
  • Include as much information about the event as possible, including contact information for people needing more information. 


  • Name: Enter the name of the event.
  • Starting Date & Time:
    • Click on the Calendar icon to change the date for your event. Select the date in the popup calendar window
    • To change the date, navigate to the year and month of you need and click on the start date. 
    • To change the time, type starting time of your event in "military/24 hour" time. (hh:mm:ss) Note: Set seconds "ss" to "00".
  • Ending Date & Time:  Set the ending date and time for the event in the same manner as setting the starting date and time.
  • Venue Location:
    • NoteThis is not the same as the name of the event itself but rather, the name of the location, facility or place that the event is to be held at.
    • Enter the name of the location for your event. You may get a list of locations that are already in the system that have the same words as what you typed in.
    • If you see the location for your event listed, click on it.
    • If no locations are found based on what you typed in, type in the address for the location, including the street address, city, state, and zipcode all on one line.
    • Ignore the location description box. It will not be used.
    • The map at the bottom should verify the address you entered.
    • If all is correct, click on the "Add location" button.


  • Click on the Categories Tab.
  • Select the event category that best matches your event.


  • Web: Enter the URL (web address) if there is a website for the event.
  • Phone: Enter a contact phone number where people can get more information.
  • Email: Enter an email address where people can get more information.


  • Notes: Only event related images allowed such as an event poster or an image from past events. All submitted images are subject to approval.
  • This is an optional feature.
  • Add event photo: Click on the blank calendar image in the left cornor of the form.
  • A popup window will allow you to navigate you computer's hard drive.
  • To select an image, click on the browse button and find the image you wish to use.
  • Once the image is loaded, you are able to crop it if necessary. Adjust the dotted lines till you get the images cropped.
  • Once you are finished, click on Crop button.
  • Your image will then appear in the form.
  • Once your event in submitted and approved, a thumbnail image will appear with your event details listing. Clicking on the image will open a window with the full sized image.

What type of events can be submitted?

The AlohaWorld Hawaiian Events Calendar is dedicated to Hawaiian/Polynesian events that held on the mainland or anywhere outside of the islands.Also, the events should be open to the general public.

 Event can fall into any one of the following categories:

  • Arts & Crafts Fairs
  • Classes/Workshops
  • Comedy Shows
  • Concerts & Live Music
  • Cultural Events
  • Festivals /Ho`olaule`a
  • Gatherings
  • Halau Ho`ike Luaus
  • Meetings/Conferences
  • Performance Competition
  • Performing Arts/Theater
  • Reunions
  • Special Interest
  • Sports/Athletic Events does reserved the right not to approve any events that are deemed not appropriate or suitable for this website.

What information should I include in the event description?

Consider the following types of information to include in the Event Description area:

  • Short description of event
  • Price (if any)
  • Contact phone
  • Contact email address
  • Parking details
  • Event website URL

How much does it cost to list an event?

The Hawaiian Event Calendar is a FREE service of There is no cost or obligation whatsoever!

Who can submit events?

We encourage any Hawaiian event organizers to submit their events on our calendar. You will have the ability to edit or modify your event description if needed.

Can ongoing classes or events be listed?

  • Classes, seminars, workshops or other events can be posted with the following guidelines:
  • Classes, seminars and workshops that are held within a short time period, 1-7 days to one month can be listed as a regular event.
  • For those that span over a longer period of time, 1 month or longer, or that are ongoing, please list only the ending registration date. For instance, if a hula class will last for a period of 4 months, only the deadline date for class registration or sign up should be listed.
  • For ongoing classes or events or events that have open signups with no deadline dates, consider submitting that information for inclusion in the AlohaWorld Hawaiian Directory.

Can I edit or cancel an event I have listed?

Yes. You can edit/modify any event you submitted by logging in and navigating to your event. Click on the Admins options button. You will see options to edit or delete the event.

How long does it take to have an event I submitted show up?

Once you submit your event information, it will be added to the calendar shortly after it is reviewed and approved, usually within 24 hours. You may at any time edit and update the events you have submitted.

Why are events in the islands not allowed? been the Internet home for Hawaiians and former Hawai'i locals living on the mainland, as well as, Hawaiians-at-heart worldwide since 1998. Part of our mission is to support the perpetuation of the island life style and culture among those who have left the islands.

Does sponsor the events on the calendar?

AlohaWorld is not involved or connected with the events listed in the AlohaWorld Mainland Hawaiian Events Calendar. You will need to contact the organizers for the event that will be listed in the event description.

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Events Disclaimer

The events listed here are submitted by event organizers. is not a sponsor or affiliated with these events.