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Motu Hawaii Leis

We have FRESH FLOWER LEIS and more! See over 70 photos of different types of lei available on our website. We ship! Some of our other products from Hawaii and other Pacific Islands; ukuleles, LOCALS slippers, SURFAH slippers, HIC, Hawaiian Style, Bulky Boy, Island Tat tees, Hinano Fashions, aloha shirts & dresses, Hawaiian heirloom jewelry, Tahitian black pearls, CDs, DVDs, auto stickers, hula supplies, toere sticks, Hawaiian print fabric, Hawaiian books, backpacks, gift items, Li Hing Mui seeds, snacks, macadamia nut candy, Lion coffee, frozen POI & Portuguese sausage (order 1 day in advance), Hawaiian Sun drinks & other food items, and much more... We even have Polynesian dance entertainment & classes. And if you’re looking for LEIS in San Diego... you’ve found it! Or if you’re looking for UKULELES in San Diego... you’ve found it too!
4150 Mission Blvd, Suite 115, San Diego, 92109, CA

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