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What qualifies for inclusion in the Directory?

This directory is intended for listings of organiztions, businesses, and services on the mainland that have ties to Hawaii, Polynesia, Asia and/or other Pacific Islands. In the description section, make sure to include any ties to Hawaii, Polynesia or Asia, if it is not apparent from the name of the business or organization. Personal sites are not included.

  • All listings must be located on the US mainland.
  • Listings for organizations or companies that are located in Hawaii or other locations outside of the mainland US will not be considered.
  • Submissions for online "multi-level marketing, network marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, and pyramid selling" will not be approved.
  • Listings must not contain any content or links to sites that contain content that is illegal, promotes illegal activities, outdated, racist/hateful, faudulent.
  • All submissions will be reviewed for relevancy before being made available to for public viewing.
  • All approvals are at our discretion.

How do I submit an entry to the Directory?

  • You will need to create an account in order to submit or manage a listing.
  • Once you have obtained an account and login, navigate to the category that you wish your listing to be included in
  • Click on "Add your listing here" link.
  • Fillout the form and submit.
  • Your submission will be reviewed, usually within 1-2 business days.
  • If approved, your listing will then be viewable on the site.

Can I edit or update the entry after I have created it?

  • You will need to login.
  • Click on "My Page" and then the "Listings" tab. Click on your listing.
  • You will then see and "edit" link. 
  • You will be able to update your information or delete the entire entry.
  • Your update will be reviewed, usually within 1-2 business days.

How much does this service cost?

The Hawaiian Directory is a FREE service of There is no cost or obligation whatsoever!

How can I update an entry that is already listed from the old system?

If you need to update a listing that was transfered from the Hawaiian Directory system, and you are the "owner" or authorized "official" of the organization or business that is listed, follow this procedure:

  • Create an account or login.
  • Navigate to the listing you would like to be able to update and click on the "Claim" link.
  • Send us a message asking to become the "author" or "owner" of that listing.
  • Within 1-2 business days, we will send a confirmation that you can now edit the listing.
  • Then follow the steps above.

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