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Bulky Boy Brand Clothing Co.

4677 Cass St. Ste B, , , 92109
We offer sizes M-6XL in shirts and size 32-56 in shorts just for you.It's insane good fun wearing Bulky Boy. You don’t have to be an ultimate cage-fighting champion, or the hugest freaking lineman in the NFL (although our clothes will fit you, big man, and turn heads, not from fear, but from: "whoa………sweet shirt, dude"). Bulky Boy is an attitude, regardless of your size. It's a LIFESTYLE: being larger than life and living at the top of your game no matter what age. Some Bulky Boys were born. Some were made. We fashionably fit the wiry Grom in the tailored size Medium to the 3X Athlete and even up to the 6X Bouncer! Bulky Boy clothing reaches out to more than the massive girth crew by offering sizes Medium-6XL in shirts and 32-56 in shorts. Frankly, Bulky Boy wasn't created to make hot pants for the pretty boys uptown. We set out to provide a premium, cool, casual and functional clothing line for the man who lives larger than life. Bulky Boy has eye stopping designs for all of the guys, from your pain in the ass little cousin up to your giant-nobody-messes-with Uncle from Hawaii and every brother in between. We genuinely care that every man has some fine threads that make the ladies want to line-up to become their arm candy. Have fun, live a little, be a Bulky Boy, because "It's all about the Roll!"
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