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DJ Printing Systems

14132 Willow Lane, , , 92683-3655
Aloha Everybody, Our company always puts out the Aloha Spirit, and House-pi-ta-li-ty when it come to providing our goods and services, and we've been told that our services are "not only GOOD, But Hard to beat Too. You could almost (after looking at anything that we print) say, "The Bugga Looks So Ono, no, no, no, it even taste like no-nough!" Thank you in advance for induldging me in my attempt at reverting back to dah' "local vernacular," I hope it was entertaining and not offensive, "cuz like my maddah said, Hawaiians need to work Smart...not hard all the time." "Remember boy, nobody ever plans to fail, they just fail to plan." You need to develop your organizational skills, as well as your people skills. Having the academic knowledge, and practical experience does not excuse you from not knowing how to treat your customers"...and my mother was....most always right. Mahalo for your induldgence, Dan Charles Kaleohaalulu Maka'ena Grand-son of Lillian Akiu-Maka'ena, Great Grand-son of Namakahelu Kapahikauaokamehameha Maka'ena, and the Great-Great-Grand-son of Lepeka Maka'ena-Napahi, daughter of the Hewahewa's-Kahuna Nui to King Kamehmeha I, II, and Queen/Regent Ka'ahumanu.
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