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Halau Hula Na Meakanu O Laka O Hawaii

3381 Cerritos Avenue, , , 90720
It is my life’s passion to preserve our Hawaiian cultural traditions and heritage as passed down by my elders. I established Hālau Hula Nā Meakanu O Laka O Hawai‘i in Torrance California in 1985. Now located in Los Alamitos California the Hālau provides formal training in the study of hula, including traditional Hawaiian dance, chants music, language, history, values and customs, arts and crafts. For those who wish to join us, we offer `Ike Kumu. `Ike Kumu is a formal process where students learn to apply basic Hawaiian vocabulary, fundamental skills and basic techniques specific to hula and our hālau. Two styles of hula are taught: kahiko (ancient form) and `auana (modern style). Students become familiar with our hālau heritage, traditions, values and protocol. Successful completion of `Ike Kumu is recognized through formal graduation into the hālau. Upon graduation, students are invited to continue their learning experience through specific classes that are categorized by age group and ability. Kumu Rolanda Mohala Valentin Reese
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