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Holistic Honu Wellness Center

1466 Cedar Street, , , 94702
Established November 24, 2004, the Holistic Honu Wellness Center is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing the problem of health disparities in Native Hawaiian communities by providing culturally appropriate and traditional healing services and education programs through a system that is designed to preserve, protect and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and traditional healing practices. It is our goal is to provide education about and access to traditional Hawaiian cultural health practices to the Native Hawaiian community, local community and beyond. The Holistic Honu Wellness Center offers a four-step education program geared towards both the mainstream community as well as the clients we serve. Our Lomilomi program offers an introduction to the practice of lomilomi massage and is popular with the spa and body-work community. Our Level One program provides the basic fundamentals of Hawaiian health practices and gives a basic understanding of health and healing from a Hawaiian perspective. Our Level Two program is more in depth in nature, and gives students the opportunity to apprentice as a practitioner. Our Level Three program is our teacher training program that is purely Hawaiian in content and delivery and provides our students with the knowledge and tools to become a true practitioner of the art. As part of our student clinic and client services department, we offer cultural healing services such as Ho'oponopono/counseling, La'au Kahea/prayers and chants, La'au Lapa'au/herbal therapy and lomilomi/touch therapy. The overall goal of our programs is to restore pono/balance or harmony between all these interrelated facets of human existence in the spirit of lokomaika'i/compassion and to realign the spirit, mind and body to become one. Although our program targets Native Hawaiians, it is our long-standing policy that our programs and services be available to all, regardless of ethnic or national origin. Lomilomi and Level One Traditional Hawaiian Healing Arts classes can be scheduled at your location and on a scheduled tailored to your individual needs. Contact us for further information.
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