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Remember YOUR "small keed time"?

Those were the good old days! YOU were young, innocent, naive and maybe even a little bit "kolohe" (rascal). When you look back, I bet you cannot help but grin, yeah?  I bet you can just feel a longing oozing up inside of you for a time when life was much simpler. Wherever you live now, if you grew up in Hawaii, you must remember your "hanabuddah days". Eh, no shame ... we all had "hanabuddah".

Eh … right now get choke stories already online written by Hawaiians and Hawaiians at heart. Most all writers had the unique life experience of growing up in Hawaii. That’s why the site is called ”Hanabuddah Days”.

Enjoy these personal stories.



Sweet Bread Boy

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One of the unique things about living in Hawai'i was you could know people by what they were known for and not by their given names. These weren't musicians or news anchors, but rather the people you and I would see everyday while walking to the store or hanging out at the park.

My parents, my aunties and uncles all knew people by these "names". There was a guy up in Pauoa named "Rat Chew Face" who used to hang out at the Kamamalu Corner Store on Lusitana Street and the video game room next

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Pass Da Gas Please

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Dis short storee takes me back some yee'ahz ago. Back to a time wen life was much mo' simplah. Back wen nevah had too many worries, 'cept fo' wen sum'body cut one deadly fut! Yeah, das right ... fut! Bettah known on da mainland az, "fart, toot

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Kaimuki Tales

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Long time ago in a past, distant, and magical land lived a little boy growing up in place called Kaimuki, a small district in Honolulu. Here he played and had good fun with all da uku piles of neighborhood keeds after WW II. Some people may have

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My Favorite Uncle Frank

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As a kid, I used to love going to Kapaa to my auntie Rose's house because we got to stay for the weekend and play with my cousins. My Uncle Frank was pure Spanish from Spain. He always wore a suit and was a gambler. My cousins were beautiful, all

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