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Title Author Hits
Stringing Me Along Written by Lina J. Cardenas Hits: 841
The Baby Bruddah Written by Kamaka Brown Hits: 1158
People and Games Written by Scott Haililani Mahoney Hits: 4393
Growing Up in Lai'e, Oahu Written by Teddy Kamai Hits: 1572
Golden Children Written by Mokihana White Hits: 1005
The East End Rodeo Written by Kirby Wright Hits: 1103
I No Like Beef Written by Skippy Duponte Hits: 1178
Palama Days Written by Eilene Vina Cabral Hits: 1354
Da Tolet Written by Richard Costales Hits: 1457
Filipino Accents Written by Armand Ines Hits: 1067
477 P Road Damon Tract Written by Frank D. Ramirez Hits: 3421
Holo Holo Afta Da Fights Written by Gary Ignacio Hits: 864
Hick's Homes in Maile Written by Gary Valdez Hits: 595
Going Fishing with Grandpa Written by Dayna Kauwalu Sanchez Hits: 920
Going to Grandma's Written by Leiton S. Hashimoto Hits: 1530
Pupukea Heiau and Mililani: Back In Da Day Written by Linda "Lika" Relacion Oosahwe Hits: 1080
Bonfires at Ali'i Written by Pamela Wailehua Rodrigues Hits: 1081
Centapees Written by Ralph Villafuerte Hits: 750
Chicken Skin at Midnite Written by Mokihana White Hits: 1086
Da NO ASK Policy Written by William L. Kapaku Jr Hits: 1791