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Do you have a recipe for Haupia Malasadas?

Ericka ~ Do you have a recipe for Haupia Malasadas? Or perhaps a link to one?

Aunty ~ When you wrote to ask for a recipe for haupia malasadas, I assumed you meant malasadas with haupia filling? Those, along with malasadas filled with guava or passion fruit (lilikoi) jelly are my current favorites.

Here are a couple of malasadas recipes. The first one is made with premade chilled biscuit dough in a cardboard roll, which is the easiest.

This other recipe makes a malasadas dough from scratch and uses yeast.

Once the malasadas have been fried up, toss them into a paper bag with some granulated sugar (add some cinnamon for variety).

Then using a cake decorating tip or the end of a small paring knife, make a small hole in one end of the malasadas, and pipe in some haupia filling.

One other way to make the malasadas is to find a box of Café du Monde Beignet Mix (from New Orleans), which many of the larger supermarkets all over the place carry. All you have to do is add water and fry the dough up. Beignets are very similar to malasadas.

If you want to make malasadas that taste like haupia but without the filling, replace the evaporated milk in the "from scratch" malasadas recipe with canned coconut milk. Add some toasted, shredded coconut to the paper bag with the sugar in it, shake and serve hot. Another delightful variation of something most keiki in Hawai'i have as an afterschool snack or at the fair or carnival.

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