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Recipe Number: 1353406821
Contributor: Martin

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Sesame seed oil
Roasted sesame seeds
Rock salt
Chili pepper (or Hot hot sauce)
Limi (if available)
Ahi, Blue Marlin, or Mahi Mahi
Cooking Instructions
First dice the fish in small blocks about a 1/4 inch (I like mine small). Add thinly sliced ginger, onion, sesame seed oil, limu if you have it. Remember I season everything to taste so it's up to you. Then add the chili peppers ( I use the small labuyo peppers) but you can use just about any real hot sauce if you like spice. Toss it all up by hand or big spoon. Oh then add the sesame seeds and rock salt. Basically just throw them all together.
Additional Comments
I usually add wasabi and even sometimes garlic roasted peanuts on the side with your beer of course. ALOHA

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