Midwestern Lau Lau
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Midwestern Lau Lau
Recipe Number: 1282228901
Contributor: Chris Onaga

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Taro leaves or collard green leaves
Frozen banana leaves
Butcher string
32 oz box of Chicken broth
3 pieces boneless Country spare ribs (cut in half to make 6)
6 pieces Boneless chicken thighs
Smoked pepper
Kosher salt
Cooking Instructions
Thaw banana leaves and cut into large squares. Wash taro or collard leaves well. Remove rib of collard leaf if using. Liberally season chicken and pork pieces with salt and pepper. Place meats in taro leaf or collard leaf and fold leaf over as you do when you make a burrito. Wrap up in thawed banana leaf and tie with butcher string. Make tight bundles. Place in pressure cooker. Cover with broth or same amount of water. Set pressure cooker for meat and cook for 1 hr.
Additional Comments
In the summer in the Midwest you can grow taro leaves in your patio container garden (along with flowers and sweet potatoes). Taro is called elephant ears -- the specific edible type Colocasia esculenta. In the winter you can substitute collard leaves which are firmer than spinach. Frozen banana leaves can be found in the ethnic section of the grocery store. Smoked salmon or smoked lake trout may be added for richer flavor. Have been told liquid smoke is unhealthy so substituted the smoked pepper.

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