Ono Spam Delight Stir Fry
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Ono Spam Delight Stir Fry
Recipe Number: 1281279638
Contributor: Nori

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1 can Spam, sliced, then julienned
1 Round onion, cut in half, slice
Green onion (scallions), for garnish.
Tomatoes, wedged
Cabbage, cut in half, sliced
Pam spray
Hawaiian sea salt
Aloha Shoyu
Coarse black pepper
Tobasco sauce or Lousiana hot sauce
Cooking Instructions
Heat pan. When hot, spray Pam thoroughly. Add the Spam. Cook til it's a little sweaty. Then add in order: onions, tomatoes. To that add the sea salt, black pepper. Cook until the tomatoes almost wilt. There will be soup in the pan by now from the tomatoes. Then add the cabbage, cover and cook for another 25 to 40 minutes on medium heat.

I like it when the cabbage is wilted then I can add my Aloha shoyu. To plate, add rice, then this ono dish. To this I love to add the Lousiana hot sauce. It's ono li dat. Hope you like it.

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