Abalone Soup
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Abalone Soup
Recipe Number: 1277843857
Contributor: Steve

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Chicken broth (Depends on how much soup you want)
1 can Abalone like shell fish (you can use the real thing but expensive)
Kai Choy (Mustard cabbage)cut into bit sized pieces
Malunggay leaves (shread from stem as much as you want).
Thumb size ginger
Wakame (seaweed)
Chinese parsley
Cooking Instructions
In a large pot, pour as much chicken broth you want. Add ginger, wakame and salt to taste. Bring to a boil. Add sliced abalone and juice from can, malunggay and mustard cabbage. Turn down heat and simmer till vegetables are cooked.
Additional Comments
Serve hot and top with chopped Chinese parsley. The malunggay is an excellent source of vitamins and anti oxidents.

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