Kamaboko Dip
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Kamaboko Dip
Recipe Number: 1264628319
Contributor: BrigitteLiana

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1 Red & White Kamaboko, cut like u would fo saimin
4 heaping Tbsp Green onions
Crackers (Ritz or Town House is good)
Cooking Instructions
Dice, Chop, Mince, or Grate Red and White Kamaboko. There is no wrong way, but smaller mo ono. I grate when I lazy and I dice when I going potluck em.
Add mayonaise like how you would to mac salad or egg salad. You don't want it dry. Add chopped green onions. I love green onions so I load em. When I make for my Aunty I go easy cause she don't like onions, but she eat raw green onions in this dip. Refrigerate atleast 10-20 mins. Serve chilled with Crackers, Ritz or Town House. This recipe you no can mess up!
Additional Comments
No even need salt pepper. That's how ono it is. I brought it to a graduation party once. Of course, I made 15 Kamabokos instead of one. It went gone way before the poke could dent. It was a major hit. All night people kept asking what was in it. Low and behold ~ Only 3 Ingredients.

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