Savory Buttered Spam Musubi w/ onions
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Savory Buttered Spam Musubi w/ onions
Recipe Number: 1235794196
Contributor: Philip

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1 can Spam
Rice (Japanese Calrose Preferred)
Seasoned Korean Seaweed
Furikake Seasoning
1/4 Stick Butter
Cooking Instructions
Cook rice. Slice onions into small pieces then place in a pan and use low heat to simmer with the butter and cover it with a lid. Onions are ready once they are soft or turned golden. Slice Spam as did regularly to make spam musubi, but also slice in half again down the middle so it is a rectangle shape. Fry spam in a pan. Next, evenly spread rice over the seaweed sheet. Sprinkle the furikake seasoning onto the rice. Place Spam in the middle. Add the buttered onions over the spam. Roll it as if it was sushi. Slice into individual peices.
Additional Comments
I had moved from Hawaii to the mainland after I came up with the idea to add buttered onions with my spam musubi. My sister-in-law had also migrated to the mainland and we decided to try a little experiment with spam musubi. the results were mind blowing as the flavors from the savory buttered onions and furikake with the salted seasoned korean seaweed paper penetrating the goodness of spam was a marvelous creation. We've had many compliments from family members and it's a big hit with friends and family.

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