Ono Mushroom Rice
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Ono Mushroom Rice
Recipe Number: 1232999206
Contributor: Manoa girl

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5 rice C uncooked Rice
1/2-3/4 cups shoyu ( rice cookers come with a measuring cup. To measure your shoyu, use this measuring cup)
1 can Chicken broth
1 bottle Namitake mushrooms
4 C Shiitake mushrooms (Save water from shiitake mushrooms)
Cooking Instructions
Soak shiitake mushrooms until soft (save the water) and slice thin. Add all ingredients. Give it a stir and cook your rice.

Using the rice measuring cup, for every 5 cups of uncooked rice you should have 5 1/2 cups of liquids. I use the rice cup and pour the shoyu, chicken broth, and shiitake water in the cup to be sure I have the 5 1/2 rice cups of liquids to cook the rice properly.
Additional Comments
Easy to make and onolicious!

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