Spam Pork n Beans
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Spam Pork n Beans
Recipe Number: 1220558579
Contributor: Laurie

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3 cans Pork n Beans (the 15 oz size)
2 can Spam, cut bitesize
1 C Sugar
3/4 C Heinz Ketcup
Cooking Instructions
Fry up cubed Spam in a little oil until browned the way you like it. Add pork and beans, (I use the Van Camps brand) sugar and ketchup (if you no use Heinz I no can guarantee the right flava), simmer a few minutes turn off the heat and serve over sticky rice.
Additional Comments
This was one of my mom's quick fix dinners gowing up on Maunalani Heights and we gobbled it up all the time. We never really measured the ingredients you know just pour.

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