Da Bes Baked Spam
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Da Bes Baked Spam
Recipe Number: 1218198884
Contributor: Georgette

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1 block of Spam
1/2 Yellow mustard
1/2 Maple syrup
Handful of whole Cloves
Cooking Instructions
Make sure you line your baking dish with foil since this comes out pretty sticky. First mix the mustard and maple syrup. Then, crosshatch cut (make diagonal slashes across top of Spam as to make little diamonds) the top of the spam. Insert a clove in each diamond. Then pour mustard/syrup mixture all over the top of the Spam. Bake at 400* for about 30 minutes. The best way to truly tell if it's done is to check on it. If it's brown and crispy looking... it's done!
Additional Comments
This is delicious with nothing else but a hot pot of rice and shoyu!

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