Mamacita's Potato Salad
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Mamacita's Potato Salad
Recipe Number: 1202875262
Contributor: Tutu Kane Glenn

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5 to 6 medium Potatoes, cooked and cubed li'dat.
1 C da kine sliced Celery.
1/2 C minced/grated Sweet Maui or Texas Onion
5 hard boiled Eggs, cut any kine way you like.
Chopped black, seedless Olives, if you like.
1/2 C chopped Sweet pickles.
1 can Tuna, optional
1 C Best Foods mayo, if you use one uddah kine mayo, you on your own.
2 Tbls Heinz Apple Cider vinegar
Ground Sea salt to taste (don't know how land salt would do...maybe okay)
Ground black pepper to taste.
Cooking Instructions
Let potatoes cool, mix in all other ingredients how you like it.
Additional Comments
Aloha; s'cuze da accent but I haf fo' talk li'dis 'cause.... I haf to. Dis salad broke da mout. I mo kid you!

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