Abalone Soup
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Abalone Soup
Recipe Number: 1202400263
Contributor: Renee Winchester

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4 packages Long rice
1 tall can of Chicken broth
2 bunches Mustard cabbage
1 package Dried opae
2 cans Top Shell abalone
1 chopped Round onion
2 cloves hopped Garlic
1 Tbls Oyster sauce
Cooking Instructions
Soak 4 packages of long rice in water for 1 hr and cut into shorter pieces. In a pot, stir fry the garlic, onion and oyster sauce. Chop up the 2 cans of top shell ablone and throw into pot. Pour the chicken broth into the pot. Toss in the opae and long rice. Boil for about 1/2 hr., shut the stove off and put the chopped 2 bunches of mustard cabbage on the top. The heat from the soup will wilt the mustard cabbage.

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