Luau Oxtail Stew
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Luau Oxtail Stew
Recipe Number: 1198513353
Contributor: Renee Winchester

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1 Tbsp Oil
1 chopped Onion
4 chopped Garlic
1 Tbsp Hawaiian salt
2 tall cans of Chicken broth
2 Tbsp Liquid smoke
2 packages Oxtails
2 packages frozen Luau leaves
Cooking Instructions
Put 1 Tbsp oil in a deep pot, add garlic, onion and hawaiian salt and cook for about 2 minutes, add oxtail and brown. Add two Tbsp of liquid smoke. Put luau leaves on top and add chicken broth. Let it boil for about 4 hours.
Additional Comments
You can use stew meat in place of oxtail if you don't eat oxtail.

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