Easy Pork Teriyaki
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Easy Pork Teriyaki
Recipe Number: 1193945198
Contributor: Lika

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1-2 lbs Pork shoulder/butt
1/4 C Shoyu
1/4 C Sugar
1/4 C Sake
4 cloves Garlic (diced fine)
2 tsp Ginger paste
Cooking Instructions
Mix shoyu, sugar, sake, diced garlic, ginger paste. Set aside. Bone pork; cut into bite sized pieces. Brown pork in heavy fry pan; depending on how much meat, may need to do in 2 batches. If so, set first cooked batch aside, then combine all when cooked. Pour in sauce; simmer 45 min with lid on or until fork tender. Stir occasionally to ensure even coating w/ sauce; cook final minutes w/o cover so pork will glaze nicely. Serve with hot rice and vegetables.
Additional Comments
My mom used to call this "teriyaki pork"; it sounds almost like Rafute in terms of ingredients. I didn't have fresh ginger, but just used a tube of ginger paste. It doesn't appear to make alot of sauce, but by time the pork cooks down (I usually cook it just short of totally done, so it retains a little pink, then finish it off by simmering in sauce) you should have enough. If you like more teri sauce for rice, adjust sauce amounts for your liking. Leftovers are great for lunch next day. We usually fight for what little is left! Safeway had pork shoulder for .99 a pound; I bought a big hunk, boned it/cut into bite size pieces and froze in smaller batches in ziplock bags. Easy to thaw and put together for dinner after work.

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