Mint Chicken Soup
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Mint Chicken Soup
Recipe Number: 1190011394
Contributor: Lori Monroe

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6 Chicken breasts (rinsed)
6 Chicken thighs (rinsed)
5 lbs Red or Yellow potatoes
4 Zucchini-halved and sliced
1 lb carrots cut into 1/2" pieces
1/2 head Green cabbage, sliced approx 1" apart
1 White onion chopped
1 lb Shitake mushrooms, soaked and chopped into med sized pieces
Cold water - enough to leave about 3" over chicken and veggies once all in pot. Can add more water if needed.
1/4 Cp fresh Mint leaves, chopped into small pieces
Juice from 2-3 fresh lemons
1 tsp White pepper. (can use black)
Salt to taste - approx 2tsp
Cooking Instructions
Use a pot big enough to hold all ingredients and approx 3 gal. water. Use one that has a thick bottom to prevent sticking or burning since this will cook for awhile. Prep time approx 30 min. Cooking time approx 1.5 hrs. on med to med-hi heat.

Rinse chicken and remove any skin. Set aside in large bowl. Put cold water into large pot and place on med-high heat. Add chicken, lemon juice and pepper to water.

While above is coming to boil, prepare the remaining veggies: peel, chop and/or slice all remaining ingredients that need it. Set aside.

Once chicken comes to a hard boil, add carrots, onions and drained mushrooms. Cook for 30 mins on med-high heat. (should have a continous soft boil - be sure to stir occassionally)DO NOT JUST DROP VEGGIES INTO HOT WATER - USE A STRAINER OR LARGE CONTAINER TO "PLACE" FOOD INTO POT - SPLASHING THE HOT WATER CAN EASILY BURN YOU!

After 30 minutes, add remaining ingredients EXCEPT cabbage and let cook until potatoes are just fork tender. Chicken meat should be falling off the bones by now. Remove chicken meat from pot using slotted spoon or tongs. On large plate or cutting board, use two forks to pull apart and shred as much chicken as you can... discard bones. Return chicken meat back to pot. Add cabbage - cover and cook another 15 minutes until cabbage is tender but still bright green.

Serve by itself or over rice or noodles. Save leftovers for tomorrow - tastes even better. Feeds approx 6-8 people.
Additional Comments
This is an excellent soup for the flu season. I've been making it for my children and grandchildren for years. Whenever anyone has a cold or flu, they eat it hot for a day or two and feel better within days instead of weeks. Try it!


*Remove any skin from

chicken - if you leave it

on, the soup will become

very greasy.

*Using chicken: You can use any part of the chicken you like. I like the breast because it's lean. I use the thighs because the marrow in the bone has healing properties. You can use just the white meat but it doesn't seem to work as well on flu symptoms. I've tried. You can even use a whole chicken, but again, remove the skin and organs.


Raw chicken carries a lot of bacteria. Be sure to use a good antibacterial soap when washing your hands in-between handling of chicken and other foods.

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