Chamorro Red Rice (Ineksa Agaga)
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Chamorro Red Rice (Ineksa Agaga)
Recipe Number: 1185315132
Contributor: kaleosgirl

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4 C Rice
1/2 package diced Bacon
Black pepper (optional)
1 bag Achote seeds (actual seeds & not powder)
Cooking Instructions
Soak seeds overnight is best. Massage seeds to bring out the natural color from the seeds. Reserve liquid transfer into separate container. Discard seeds. Wash rice, place all 4 cups in rice cooker pot. Brown bacon & reserve the oil. Using the water from the reserved liquid from the achote seeds, pour all liquid to make enough for 4 cups of rice (measure according to your rice cooker). Afterwards, place browned bacon and oil into the rice cooker. Add in black pepper for a bit of zest, if so desired. Cook rice. ENJOY as a starch to go along with meat ie: BBQ chicken/fish or other meat!
Additional Comments
This is a Chamorro (Saipan) recipe my Grandmother taught me. Moving to Hawaii and being busy, I adapted it to cook as I'm away---in a RICE COOKER! Bon apetit!

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