Foxy Roxy's Kim Chee Won Ton
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Foxy Roxy's Kim Chee Won Ton
Recipe Number: 1181346985
Contributor: Foxy Roxy

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1 bottle Kim Chee
1 can Spam
1 Egg white
1 package Won Ton PI
1 block Cream Cheese
1 Lots of oil for your WOK
Cooking Instructions
Grate spam into bowl. Chop kim chee up into small pieces. Combined spam, kim chee w/cream cheese into bowl, mixed all ingridients evenly. Take a scoop of the kim chee mix and put in center of you won ton, seal won ton with egg whites. Pour some oil into wok for deep frying. Make sure your oil tempature is at 400 deg. Start deep frying until the outside turns golden brown. Strained won ton of all excess oil.
Additional Comments
Enjoy the Foxy Roxy special! :)

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