Patty's Teriyaki Pan Musubi
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Patty's Teriyaki Pan Musubi
Recipe Number: 1179271682
Contributor: Lori

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2 lbs Marinated teriyaki meat
Furikake (the nori kind)
5 cups uncooked rice (then you gotta cook em)
Cooking Instructions
Fry up all da teriyaki and chop em up small. Press half da rice inside one 9x13 baking pan (use wax paper, more easy... no stick to your fingers). Spread da chop up teriyaki over da rice. Den, press da rest of the rice over da teriyaki (no forget, use wax paper). Sprinkle furikake over the rice. If you like, put takuan (yellow pickled radish)
Additional Comments
No forget da kimchee on da side.

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